fttx network planning


significance of broadband expansion

In the long term, there is no way around the expansion of the porous band. A nationwide availability of gigabit-capable infrastructure is essential to cope with the data volumes arising worldwide. We supply our customers with the right design for fiber optic, copper, coaxial cable access networks and in-house distribution systems. We always try to balance the technical possibilities with the economic resources.

High-performance broadband networks are an important location factor for the settlement of companies and increase the attractiveness of residential locations, especially in rural areas. The high importance of an efficient network for the economy and society is undisputed, and the responsibility for it is great. This is why our clients from the private and public sectors find in us a reliable partner who supports them in their projects with his experience and competence. Our aim is to offer our customers an ideal solution, taking into account all strategic, infrastructural and financial issues of broadband expansion.

our scope of services

We offer our customers a wide range of services, which enables us to respond individually to the requirements and wishes of our customers. These include among others:

An equally accurate and always up-to-date Documentationboth of existing and newly built networks, is crucial for telecommunications companies. For this reason, we offer this service in addition to planning and management. Here, network elements, components and structures as well as locally surveyed routes and landmarks are precisely entered into the GIS and integrated into the database. With the help of this geodata, maintenance and later construction projects can also be implemented more cost-efficiently.

Cegelec Luxembourg

Erfassung und technische Bewertung des Netzwerkes in Luxembourg