Software development

Individuelle Softwareentwicklung

custom-tailored software solutions

With our individually developed software we help our clients to accelerate regularly recurring and time-consuming work processes by taking over the preparation of data or the production of extensive maps. In addition to the development, we take care of the documentation and, if necessary and desired, the introduction to the new program. We help you to make complex analyses available to every employee with just one click and to integrate new tailor-made functionality into your GIS software. We also offer the following services:

Data Quality Toolkit

Data quality is of key importance for decision makers. Analysis, campaign management, customer satisfaction and reporting are supported by data quality and have a significant impact on the efficiency and reputation of a company. The Data Quality Toolkit provides built-in integrity rules already in every Smallworld application and is implemented in every data model. The user can now quickly and conveniently check his work area before and after changes are made. With our automated cleansing suggestions, we offer quick "One Click Solutions" or a multiple selection to navigate the user to the desired solution, while at the same time the control remains with the user.

Cegelec Luxembourg

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